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Whether you have an individual return or a complex business one, we are here to help! We are specialized in complex tax returns going above and beyond to find out the answers you need and ensure you or your company are fully taken care of. Our software is ready to go with the latest law updates.
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Common tax forms you should know about
Form W-2
The W-2 is an IRS form your employer sends to you in January or February. The W-2 shows, among other things, how much your employer paid you during the year, what you contributed to your company's retirement plan and the amount of taxes withheld on your behalf. A copy goes to the IRS, so be sure you report this information accurately.
Forms 1099
Various forms of income you received
The 1099 tax form comes in several flavors, but the big five are the 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID, 1099-MISC, and 1099-NEC. These IRS forms are all records of income you’ve received from a source other than your employer, and whoever sent you one also sent the IRS a copy, so don’t forget to report it on your return.
FormS 1098
Mortgage or student loan interest you paid
If you have a mortgage, you’ll get one of these IRS forms in the mail or your inbox. It shows the interest (over $600) you paid on your home loan during the year, and that mortgage interest is generally deductible. Students might get a 1098-T, which reports tuition payments they’ve made, or a 1098-E, which reports the interest they’ve paid on their student loans. Student loan interest and tuition payments may also be deductible.
Form 1095-A
Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. Taxpayers will need this form to reconcile advance payments or claim the premium tax credit.
Forms usually start arriving by mail or are available online from employers and financial institutions in January. Taxpayers should review them carefully. If any information shown on the forms is inaccurate, the taxpayer should contact the payer ASAP for a correction.
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